The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Where'd you come up with your name? How come there is no merchandise to buy online or physical copies of This Is An Adventure?

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 05/15/2013

The name is from a passage in the book Moby Dick. It refers to the the decision that led Captain Ahab to his demise. He was about to seek shelter, but between "the lighthouse and the whaler" there was Moby Dick. He then decided to follow the great whale instead of seeking shelter and allowing the whale forgiveness. His hatred for the animal led to his death. This is the theme behind our name.

You can find our album in digital format in many locations on the internet, but specifically Itunes is an easy place to purchase it. We did sell vinyl online, but we had to stop because the shipping became a financial issue. We hope to soon have a store for all of our merchandise including t-shirts and albums soon. Thanks for the question and for listening to our music. Blessings Hunter!

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