The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Who are your inspirations?

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 12/27/2012

We all find our individual and collective inspirations from a variety of people, events, artwork, and life experiences. As a band I can say we are inspired by each other and the friendship that we share. We do not take lightly the brotherhood that we have. We are a family and we constantly learn from each other. If you are talking music specifically music?....a few very common artists/ bands we throw around for inspiration would be Sufjan Stevens, Sigor Ros, Jonsi, Pheonix, the snake the cross the crown, copeland, the tallest man on earth......the list goes on. If you specifically mean people?....Martin Luther King Jr. is the man. Anything he said and did is very inspiring. We all have a background in the Christian faith as well and it would be wrong for some of us to deny that we our inspired by the way Jesus lived. Thanks for the question friend. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!

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