The Lighthouse and the Whaler

I don't know if you get annoyed with "please play at *blank* city" questions but seriously though: Any chance of you coming to Vancouver? I'd make all my friends buy a ticket and love you forever. xx

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 09/03/2012

Not at all! We only are annoyed with ourselves that we are limited to only being in one place at a time and only so many places in a tour. Vancouver is somewhere we have discussed wanting to come to for a while. Hopefully, we will make it to you in due time. For now...I can offer you Seattle which if you don't mind the drive and boarder control is only 2 and a half hours away from you. September 29th. Either way, we hope to meet you in the future. Peace huberjessica7!

-mark and tlatw

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