The Lighthouse and the Whaler

I had never heard about you guys until a few weeks ago After watching the "I Want to Feel Alive" music video with Holland Roden, I immediately knew I had to pre-order your new album and it is my favorite. I was wondering why Houston, Tx was not a place in your Tour this year. I am kind of bummed out..

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 11/12/2015

Hey Daniel! Thanks for picking up Mont Royal. I am glad you like you it. Sorry we missed your question until now. We wish we could have played Houston as well on the tour but our booking agent wasn't able to find a venue for us during that time. Keep following our posts and watch for tour announcements. Hopefully we will be back in Texas in the new year. :) Blessings! Thanks again for listening to our music.

-mark of TLATW

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