The Lighthouse and the Whaler

The first time I ever heard you was about 3 years ago and it was the song I Will Find You on your A Whisper, a Clamour EP. Now I can't find it ANYWHERE! I just want to listen to that song again where can I find it?? Y'all are great!

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 09/03/2015

Hi Meagan,

Thanks so much for the question. We took that EP down from the internet because it wasn't getting a lot of traction. I appreciate you saying you would like to hear it again. If you paste this link in your url you can download the mp3s to that EP.

We have also recently released an album (just this past Friday actually). I hope you check it out along with A Whisper, A Clamour. It is quite evolved from that EP, but I think you will enjoy it.

Blessings Meagan!

-mark of TLATW

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