The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Hey guys, just saw you on 12/13, awesome work! Can't wait for the new album. Anyway, onto the question: whatever happened to the plain white v-neck band t-shirt? I can vividly remember them from the first time I saw you when you opened for Ra Ra Riot at Beachland. Do you just not order them anymore? They were my fav :(

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 01/07/2015

Hey Zizzy,

Thanks for coming out to the show. We are glad you were there. :) We unfortunately have not re-ordered that specific t-shirt. We've mainly just go through different designs and order new ones as they sell. I'm sorry to bring you the bad news. I hope we have a design for you in the future that you will like. Currently we are low on merchandise because we've been working on a new record and have not been touring much in these recent months, however, we do have an online shop with the more recent designs that we have if you are interested.

Either way, I hope we see you at another show in the near future. Thanks for listening to our tunes. Blessings friend!

-Mark of TLATW

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