The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Hello! I wanted to ask you guys the meaning behind Little Vessels? I absolutely adore this song and its been on repeat since I discovered it. By the way, I find your music so beautiful and I would love to see all of your wonderful faces in San Diego, CA sometime.
-Halima H.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 08/10/2015

Hi Halima,

I know you asked this question quite a long time ago. The truth is I don't know the inner meanings behind Little Vessels. Michael wrote the lyrics and is hesitant to divulge some of his secrets with us. However, I wanted to invite you to our show in San Diego at the Soda Bar on September 25th. Come say hello and maybe Michael will share a little more of the story behind the song. It would be cool to meet you so hopefully you can make it. Either way thanks for listening to our music Halima. Blessings

-mark of TLATW

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