The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Hi! I absolutely love your music. I stumbled upon it about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. You guys are so great! Will you consider coming out to San Ramon? Maybe do a little concert in the local park? That would be really cool! Also, have you considered teaming up with TWLOHA? I think that would be awesome!

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 08/20/2014

Hey Chandnl! We are always down for playing shows anywhere. I looked up your town. It looks beautiful! We aren't on tour now, but you can always suggest a venue to us or our agent in your town. If it seems doable our agent might be able to book us there next time we come through your area. I'm always down for side shows in local parks or house shows, but sometimes they can be hard to do for when we are on tour (not from an area) and don't have much time. But if you are persistent anything could happen. :) For now keep an eye out for when we come through San Jose or San Francisco. It looks like those cities aren't to far from you, and we frequent those places pretty often when we are on the west coast. We'd love meet ya. Please come by.

Matt in our band actually has a friend who works for TWLOHA, but strangely enough we haven't teamed up yet. It could be an awesome idea for the future. We'll look into it.

THanks for listening to our music! Blessings.
-mark of TLATW

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