The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Hi I'm a new fan.. from Philippines
I want to know what's the lyrics for We've got the most! :D
Ps I like you guys and your songs! It uplifts my soul..

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 07/09/2014

Hi Angel Coleen Mercado! Your name is absolutely awesome. I don't believe these lyrics are posted anywhere online so this is only for you. Thanks for listening to our music. You have just uplifted my soul. :) Blessings.
-mark of TLATW
It's been so long
since we've been this far
I know you feel the best outside of your room
I hope you feel the way that we both used to

Oh we've got the most out of our heads
I feel it like two different halves
Did we find the truth
buried in words
That we left lying by the bed

It's been so long
since we've been this far
I know we've lost the place that were both used too
And I hope we find in grace what we both need to
Oh I see that look in your eye but
It's the only thing that keeps me alive and
I was hoping this would be the change we need right now

I was waiting for you to come back home
Underneath the stars that's where we both belong
I am missing you. Won't you hear me say
This is not your fault. I know that we can be this close

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