The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Hola la casa linterna y la vallena,

Thanks for the awesome response and here is another question for you to awesomely answere.

What y'all's favorite bands and what virtues make them your favorite band or artist?

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 10/22/2013


I am loving the Espanol! Here are your answers Amanda!

Matt says Band of Horses because their lyrics have always connected well with him.
Michael says Sigur Ros because the variety in their songwriting is super inspiring.
Ryan says Anathallo because they have taught him how vast and diverse music can be.
I say that Sufjan Stevens is my favorite because he is never afraid to create music however he wants to. His music shows true and sincere emotion. Some of it is weird and crazy, but that is good representation of what life is.

Thanks for the question Amanda! We hope to hear from ya or see ya at a show sometime soon. Blessings.

- mark of TLATW

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