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Any stories behind This Is An Adventure? Also, why is Mark Poro not Mark Poro? Is it a stage name?

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 09/20/2013

There are many stories behind the making and the meaning of the album of course, but I will simply tell you where we got the title. One of our favorite movies as a band is called Life Aquatic. It is a movie that parallels the book Moby Dick but gives a better ending (Our band name comes from Moby Dick). At the end of the movie the wise Bill Murray gives us a conclusion to the story. That of course is our title. After all we had been through and what that movie meant for us it was an easy decision to make This is an Adventure our title for the album.

.....Poro is a shortened nickname in place of a longer last name. The writer of the band bio who wrote that was really just being silly but still truthful. When my coaches in high school couldn't figure out how to say my last name they just called me that. I found out a couple years ago that poro in Papua New Guinea means "good friend." Thought that was pretty cool.

Krystal, Thanks for your question! Blessings!

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