The Lighthouse and the Whaler

I just wanted to personally thank you for your music which I recently discovered through Songza while learning that my first loved died. Your music is assisting in mending my broken heart, even though it seems at times that this pain is beyond what I can bare and my heart is not healing at all. The “Adriatic” speaks to me & reminds me of my story about falling in love with a boy whose life was so complicated, confusing, & full of internal turmoil until it was ultimately ended by his own hands. I regrettably cannot stop replaying my decisions. I wish things could be like “We’ve Got the Most” because this would be the year of our reunion & unfulfilled promises to each other...this would be the year I would tell him that I am marrying someone else but that I loved him the same none the less, the year that I would mend our friendship. Although, he would hide the sadness he lived with like "little vessels”, it has always flowed thru me. As you know, your music is more than beautiful sounds

The Lighthouse and the Whaler responded on 08/07/2013


We are deeply sorry for your loss. Death is never an easy thing to go through. We completely empathize with you, and appreciate your very beautiful way of telling us that our music has helped you through this time. We wish you a very happy marriage and hope to continue to bring you music from our lives to share with yours. Thanks so much for listening to our music and for commenting here. Many blessings to you Jess. Please come say hi at a show sometime.

-mark of TLATW

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